The Blog Is Dead. Long Live The Blog!

I started writing blogs back when I set the website up in 2015.  I didn’t really know what I was doing so I did what everyone does, looked around and tried to emulate what I saw. It was challenging but I saw that people were engaging with it to an end and so I pushed on and continued.

It was sparse and the themes were sporadic. For a wee while last year I seemed to get my groove on with it all managed to even set aside a day of the week to bash my blog out. This is really where it all went tits up. As business grew I started to feel like my blog was becoming a beast under my bed that constantly whispered in my ear tales of abuse and neglect. On every sixth day I would set out to write a blog but then emails would come in, and stock would sell or life in general would get in the way.

So instead of writing the blog in that glossy, loads of lovely pictures and quirky editorial, way I’d just not write it and instead feel guilt. Guilt that I was not juggling all the different tendrils of my business correctly. Guilt that I was not as bloggy as other bloggers. Guilt that my blog wasn’t as glossy and consistent as other bloggers.

Then I had a lightbulb moment.

I am me. I am no one else but myself. I can never be anyone else. I cannot achieve the dizzy heights of constant feed that many bloggers achieve because I work full time running several aspects of a business that are about to turn into 4 distinct companies. I don’t have any fucking time to take a shit let alone come up with dazzling fabulous witty blogs that tell you where to get the most darling plug sockets from.

So that is it, I am no longer going to attempt to be one of those bloggers. Sorry to anyone that perhaps thought that was the direction in which I was going. I got mixed up for a minute there but now I’m back to myself and I won’t get lost again.

So what does this mean now? Well it means my blogs are about to become a whole lot more frequent. But there is a caveat to that because they won’t be all about lights that are to die for unless I happen to find some and they won’t be about the most killerest garden ornament or paint colour unless these things literally fall into my lap. My blogs are now going to be about me. They will be about me, my travels, my food (of which there is a hell of a lot), my irks and quirks and anything that happens to fall out of the tips of my fingers at the precise moment of writing to you.

I feel liberated and understand if no one gives a shit about any of this from here on out. I’m still going to carry on though. I’ll do my best not to sound like a heinous twat. Although.