Thinking of getting a new sofa?

We need a new sofa.  Correction, we want a new sofa.  In fact you couldn’t really need a new sofa unless nails were sticking out of the cushions of your current one or you woke up and it had been nicked. So, we want a new sofa.  This is going to be like the time I needed new carpets (except that time I actually did need new carpets because the person that had been renting my house had let their kids pee on the current ones.  Nice.) At any rate, I discovered at that point that I have a phobia of carpet shops.  The vast array of choices and specs alone left me resolved that I’d be better off just painting the floor boards.

You can’t paint your current sofa and for this reason we are getting a new one.  I feel the same way towards sofa showrooms that I do towards carpet shops.  I’d rather shit in my hands and clap than go to one.  For this reason I have compiled a variety of the best online options that I have come up with so far. Maybe they will help you pick!

I dislike Ikea sofas: Perhaps irrational; but they won’t appear here.

First up is the British company I’m sorry, but I can’t even work out how these people make a profit selling at the prices they do-given the quality of their products.  This stuff is way cheap in comparison to most of the high street options, and they have a choice for everyone with their stock list.  I’m a mid century kinda guy so for me it’s got to be the Montana. £399.00 for a three seater.  Read it again; £399.00 for a three seater that has been delivered to your LIVING ROOM.  They offer a 21 day no quibble cash back policy as well.


Further up the pricing scale, and utterly beautiful is the G Plan inspired John Lewis line made in collaboration with Hemingway Design.  Based on the original G Plan 55 design amongst others, these aren’t cheap, but they are timeless. If was struggling for ways to shift my money, it’d defo have to get the aubergine leather Capri. Swoon.


Maison du Monde’s, 100% French made, Frenchidy French fabrics and utterly French styling definitely gets my Facebook Like. Their prices are reasonable and they offer a 14 day no argument returns policy.  Importantly they also cover the cost of returns if you aren’t happy with your purchase.  No one wants to have to find themselves in the Eurotunnel with a two seater duct taped to the roof. Maybe not for a living room (not sure about the comfort factor), but as an occasional piece in a hall or dining room, I think this sofa is amazing. It’s also a pretty reasonable £899.00 for what it is. 

The Scott by the trusty tips the cap again to those 1950’s designs, and I love it in this vibrant green. have some pretty cool stuff in fairness to them.  The only worry I have is buying from them is a bit like buying from Primark.  You’re all excited when you make your purchase, then a few weeks later you realise everyone else has the same thing. Take for example the angle poise lamp and purple armchair that I bought.  Then saw on every advert they EVER did.


Of course going retro, as in REALLY going retro is always an option.  My concern when it comes to sofas and chairs is, will they still hold out to every day use?  In the case of this devastatingly handsome club chair, yes it will!  Oh and look….it’s on my own website.  Who’d have thunk it!??

Fantastic Mid Century Accessory Websites

This year I’m going to share some of the fabulous stuff that I find with you as and when I come across it.  Obviously I am not taking about products that I sell – as I’m already doing that!  Basically the aim is to send you in the direction of other people that are doing things I find interesting and think you might too.


Today the website has really caught my eye.  You’ve got to check out the post on their site about the kitchen they found in a garage.  Completely untouched for over 60 years!  A flat pack gift from the mid century gods.

Moving On Up

New Premises


Sorry to have been away for so long.  We have spent the past week relocating to more appropriate premises.  I’m delighted to say we now have a 300 sq foot work shop and office area which will allow the business to grow further.  I didn’t expect things to take off as quickly as they did and for that reason have had to work hard at sourcing a new work space, setting it up and sourcing new pieces for you all.  I’m glad to say I’m nearing the end of that phase now and today we install the marketing area.  Hopefully by the end of the day some of the new pieces will be photographed and up for your perusal.  


Thank you to you all, always!